RECIPE: Homemade Pancake Syrup – Mmmmmm……


I haven’t yet found a coupon for pancake syrup but found this EASY recipe on the internet so think that I may give it a try.  Have any of you made a syrup for pancakes?  Do you have any Comments?  Sugggestions?  Recipes??

Of course, maple syrup is the best, but very expensive and reserved as a “treat” and bottled pancake syrup is too expensive and full of nasty ingredients that I don’t need (e.g.:  corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, water, cellulose gum, caramel color, salt, sodium benzoate and sorbic acid (preservatives), artificial and natural flavors, and sodium hexametaphosphate).

This recipe makes enough for 2-3 people and can be increased for larger groups.


-      1 cup packed brown sugar

-      A dash of salt (optional)

-      Just under 1/2 cup water (remove 1 or 2 tablespoons)

Put all ingredients in a small saucepan on high heat.  Let the mixture come to a full rolling boil for 30-60 seconds, then turn off the heat.

Let the syrup sit on the hot burner until the bubbling stops.  Any optional ingredients should be added now.  Leave the pan on the burner with the heat off and the flavors will infuse as it cools.


-      Fresh or Frozen Fruit

-      A tablespoon or two of honey

-      A dash of extract (vanilla, almond, maple, etc)

-      Orange or Lemon Zest

Now, simply let it cool while you make your pancakes, waffles. or french toast.  It will thicken up and still be warm when you use it.  And, if not thick enough, boil it a little longer the next time.

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