IMPORTANT: Save On Foods Coupon Policy Changes

Save On Foods

We’re hearing of upcoming coupon policy changes at Save On Foods and
one of our members has phoned the Westside Village Store in Victoria and CONFIRMED
as well as the Blanshard store in Victoria and CONFIRMED (Thanks, Deanna J):

Save On Foods has A�revised their couponing policies. A�Each store does set their own policy, so it could vary by location. A�Indications are that the same rules that were in place prior to October 2012 when stacking ended apply again except for this MAJOR change:

New Price adjusting the coupons but only if its less than 5% or total value of the product so you can now use a $5 stack on an total of $4.95!!!!!
(see below)

There is still NO stacking of P&G.



  • We reserve the right to amend the above mentioned practices at any time, in consideration of the bestA�experience for our customers. April 17, 2013

Coupon Acceptance Practices

  • Our coupon acceptance practices are designed to help extend more savings to our customers while ensuring we continue to offer an exceptional customer service experience to everyone in our stores.

Rules for manufacturer issued coupons:

  • present your coupon at the time of purchase
  • ensure all conditions stated on the coupon are met (product to purchase, size, flavour etc.)
  • ensure your coupon has a Canadian address
  • ensure your coupon is redeemed prior to the expiration date
  • if printed from the internet, your coupon is legible
  • ensure your coupon is not a photocopy
  • ensure your coupon is not issued by one of our competitors
  • ensure your coupon is not a mail-in rebate
  • If stacking more than one coupon, the sum of the discount cannot exceed more than 5% of the value of the product. For instance, $5.00 off an item priced at $4.99 will be OK, but $2.00 off an item priced at $1.90 is not.

Guidelines for high volume coupon redeemers:

  • Please call ahead to ensure we have adequate team members available on our front end at the time you plan to shop so that we can accommodate your needs while providing great service to our other customers.
  • At checkout, please ensure that coupons are placed with each item to speed up the coupon validation and checkout process.
  • If you hope to purchase large quantities of individual items, please provide 2 a�� 3 days notice to your local store manager so we can properly manage inventory requirements
  • Please note that we reserve the right to limit quantities purchased based on inventory available for all customers.
  • Please note that we will not accept large quantities of multiple coupons during any special promotional days. For more information, please see the store manager.
  • Store issued coupons: store coupons are distributed through flyers, email, in-store kiosks, social media and direct mail.
  • Our store system reinforces the conditions of every coupon we receive to ensure that specifications are met (including banner, date, product specifications, limits, combinations, etc).
  • Can be combined with vendor (manufacturer) coupons





  • The date must be valid (should not be expired)
  • The address must be Canadian (no US coupons)
  • The product stated on the coupon has been purchased, and all conditions have been met, e.g. size, flavor etc.

Other instructions:

  • If it looks like a printed coupon, take it. (photocopies are hard to spot, given black and white printing of internet coupons)
  • All coupons must be presented at time of purchase
  • More than one manufacturers coupon can be accepted per item
  • If vendor coupon value is more than product, give change, to a max 5% of item price
  • a�?Mail Ina�� coupons are not to be accepted a�� read the coupon carefully, it will read a�?Mail in for Rebatea�?, return the coupon to the customer and explain
  • Bottle Deposits and Recycle Fees are applicable on the full value of the product,
  • Taxes are applicable to the discounted amount (using the correct vendor coupon key) unless the coupon is for a a�?freea�� taxable product

If it looks like a vendor coupon, take it.


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