I remember how it all started….. it was innocent enough. A�Every once in a while I would catch an episode on TV about couponing and think, A�”WOW, I wish I could get FREE stuff” and then in the next episode I would think, “Who needs that much stuff???” A�And even a bit of, “Who has the TIME for all of this?”

I bet some of you have had similar thoughts. A�Some of you can’t quite make the buy online essays distinction between couponer and hoarder and perhaps, truthfully, the lines sometimes get blurred, even by the best of us. A�But I have to tell you…… for me, personally,A�times have changed.

I admit, some things I have quite a bit of and some stuff I purposely get extra to share with family and friends. A�And even more, still, I get extras of because it enables me to make more charitable donations than I’ve eve been able to do before.

In my view, couponing is a choice made to ensure you getargumentative gun control essay the most value for your dollar. A�A choice to live frugally and save money, enabling A�us to spend your money on other things important to us like credit card repayment, vacations, or a nice dinner out.

How do you get started?

Start by looking in your fridge, cupboards, and pantry and see if you can find coupons for products you use most often. A� Read the flyers in your area and determine price points and which stores offer price matching and/or points programs which can all help your bottom line. A�Start by using a few coupons here and there to save a few dollars per trip. A�Once you do this for a few weeks, you will see how quickly the savings can add up. A�Build up your coupon supply and your coupon confidence.

When you get the to the store, consider chatting with staff at customer service. A�Most will share store policies and couponing rules and having this knowledge will do wonders with building your couponing confidence. A�If you are price matching and couponing, confirm with the cashier how she/he would like you to set up the items (I almost always put the product on top of the flyer I am price matching to, with the corresponding coupon(s) on top.

Shop for your individual situation.findbridescam com A�Buy what you can afford, and have room to store, and ensure that you can use, or share, the items prior to their expiry. A�Sales generally go in cycles and, in aA�few months you will likely still have coupons to use or, by this time, you will know where to get more.

Above all, be courteous and polite. A�We, as customers, will have our best experiences, as will store staff, if we are all respectful. A�Work with the cashiers and not against them