Checkout 51 Sneak Peek a�� October 17 to October 23, 2013


Our new offers will go live in the app atA�12:00 AM on Thursday, October 17A�andA�expire atA�11:59 PM on Wednesday, October 23. Members must buy the products in Canada and submit the receipts while the offers are live.

Herea��s a sneak peek at this weeka��s offers:A�

  • Any CHRISTIE cookie
    Cash back: $1.00
  • OREO ice cream
    Any 1 variety of OREO 1.5L frozen dessert, OREO 4-pack sandwiches, or OREO 10-pack Minis.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • Armstrong cheese blocks
    200g or more, any variety.
    Cash back: $1.50
  • Kellogg’s* Corn Pops* cereal
    Corn Pops and Cinnamon Pops Cereal, 320g box variety.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • Buy 1 box of Kashi* Cereal and 1 box of Kashi* snack bars, get $2 cash back
    Items must appear on the same receipt.
    Cash back: $2.00
    PLAYSKOOLA� ROCK*TIVITYa�? PIANO is widely available wherever toys are sold, including: Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us, and Target.
    Cash back: $5.00
    Save $1.00 when you purchase one (1) PLAY-DOHA� Halloween Bag.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • EnergizerA� Lighting
    Any EnergizerA� portable lighting product, valued at $15 or more.
    Cash back: $5.00
  • CLEARA� Scalp & Hair Therapy
    Any variety. Excludes travel size.
    Cash back: $2.00
  • AdvilA� Products
    AdvilA� Tablets 100′s/125a��s, AdvilA� Caplets 100′s/125a��s, AdvilA� Extra Strength Caplets 72a��s, AdvilA� Muscle & Joint 72a��s, AdvilA� Liqui-Gels 72a��s/115a��s or AdvilA� Extra Strength Liqui-Gels 50′s/80a��s. Not valid with any other Advil offer.
    Cash back: $2.00
  • Newman’s Own salad dressing
    Any variety.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • Thai Kitchen Products
    Any Thai Kitchen product.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • Similac Advance with Omega-3 & Omega-6 – Ready-to-use
    8 X 59mL variety.
    Cash back: $3.00
  • KLEENEXA� Hand Towel
    Any variety.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • SCOTTA� Towels
    Any SCOTTA� paper towel 6 mega roll or larger.
    Cash back: $2.00
  • HERSHEY’SA�* Whole Nuts
    180g HERSHEY’SA�* Whole Nuts Chocolates, any variety.
    Cash back: $2.00
    Any LISTERINEA� ULTRACLEANa�? variety.
    Cash back: $2.00
  • Summer Fresh hummus and dips
    Any variety.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • Submit a grocery store receipt for $60a�� or more for a chance to win $500
    a��No purchase required. See all Contest details in the Official Rules at:A�

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