Checkout 51 Sneak Peek a�� March 13, 2014, to March 19, 2014


Our new offers will go live at 12:00 AM on Thursday, March 13 and expire at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. Members must buy the products in Canada and submit the receipts while the offers are live.

Herea��s a sneak peek at this weeka��s offers:A�

    Any COLD-FXA� or COLD-FXA� EXTRA product with 45 capsules or greater. A�Cannot be combined with any other coupon.
    Cash back: $4.00
  • Eggo Minis*
    244 g variety.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • McCainA� Deep ‘n DeliciousA� Cream Pies
    Includes Coconut Cream Pie, Cookies & Cream Pie or Double Chocolate Cream Pie varieties
    Cash back: $0.75
  • Buy 3: GladeA� Aerosols or Ultra concentrated air fresheners
    Any variety. Items must appear on the same receipt.
    Cash back: $2.00
  • Buy 2: DOVEA� body wash
    Any variety. Excludes trial and travel sizes and Dove Men+CareA� products. Items must appear on the same receipt.
    Cash back: $3.00
  • LiptonA� tea
    Any variety.
    Cash back: $1.00
    1 L variety.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • AXE products
    Any variety. Excludes trial and travel sizes
    Cash back: $1.00
  • Buy 2: St. IvesA� products
    Any variety of body lotion, body wash or facial products. Excludes travel and trial sizes.
    Cash back: $3.00
    Any variety.
    Cash back: $0.50
  • Kashi* snack bars
    Any variety. Excludes Kashi* Chia granola bars.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • Unilever Ice Cream
    Any multipack or tub of Breyers, Ben & Jerry’s, Fruttare, Magnum, Klondike or Popsicle. Excludes single-serve varieties.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • affreshA� Washer cleaner
    Any variety.
    Cash back: $2.00
  • Thai Kitchen or Simply Asia products
    Any variety.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • Dove Men+CareA� deodorant or anti-perspirant
    Any variety. Excludes trial and travel sizes.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • DOVEA� Hair Care products
    Any variety. Excludes trial and travel sizes and Dove Men+CareA� products.
    Cash back: $1.50
    80 or 120 count variety.
    Cash back: $4.50
  • McCormick Authentic Asian Recipe Mixes
    Any authentic flavour variety.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • NEUTROGENAA� Sun Protection
    Any variety.
    Cash back: $1.00
  • Children’s AdvilA�
    Any Children’s AdvilA�, AdvilA� Pediatric Drops or Junior AdvilA� product.
    Cash back: $3.00
    Any BENYLINA� product, excluding BENYLINA� 100 mL products.
    Cash back: $4.00
  • RenA�e’s Gourmeta�? Dips
    250 g, 283 g or 340 g variety.
    Cash back: $1.50
  • Submit a grocery store receipt for $60a�� or more for a chance to win $500
    a��No purchase required. See all Contest details in the Official Rules at:

Here are some helpful links:
- Website -A�
- App (This will take you straight to their app store, where they can download it.) -A�


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