Are you entitled to a little MORE discount? What age is a Senior a Senior?

Seniors card

Hey, check out this list. A�Does it help you, or someone close to you, save a LITTLE bit more.

Many stores have a “senior’s” discount day, but MANY have different ideas of what is a senior. A�This could work to your advantage!!!!!




I’ve only compiled the ones that I am aware of, so if you know of more, let me know (just comment on this blog post!) A�We’ll update it as we go!!!

  • A&W (60+):A�10% off – every day
  • THE BAY (60+):A�15% off A�- first Tuesday of every month
  • BULK BARN (students AND 60+):A�10% off – every Wednesday
    (since we are getting this store in Victoria…. woohoo!!!!!)
  • CANADIAN TIRE (65+):A�10% off – first Wednesday of every month
  • Denny
  • Greyhound
  • Go Transit
  • Hallmark
  • Hotels – Ask if they offer a Senior discount
  • M&M MEATS (60+):A�5% off – every Tuesday
  • McDONALDS (60+): A�Large coffee $0.85 – every day
  • Marriot
  • REXALL (60+):A�10% off – last Tuesday of the month
  • RONA (65+):A�10% off – every day
  • SALVATION ARMY (60+):A�10% off – every day
  • SHOPPERS DRUG MART (55+):A�20% off – last Thursday of every month
  • Transit – Any – Ask your City what their local discount is.
  • VALUE VILLAGE (55+): A�10% off – every Tuesday

Of course, other stores may offer and some stores may have difference local “rules” so do always ask with Customer Service or your cashier and they will update you. A�:)

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